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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mount Holly Marsh Preserve

The Mount Holly Marsh Preserve is a 900-acre natural area along the rocky slopes of the South Mountain near Mount Holly Springs, PA. The preserve consists of a 700-acre upland forest and a 200-acre marsh and was acquired in 1992 by The Nature Conservancy and donated to Cumberland County with the assistance of the Holly Gap Committee, a group of local community members who raised funds to acquire the land.

In addition to providing ample recreation opportunities through hiking and nature exploration, the area also has a long and interesting history spanning the Revolutionary and Civil Wars as well as more recently playing host to Mount Holly Park, a summer resort attracting vacationers from many miles away.

A short drive from the state capital, this mini-wilderness serves both as a sanctuary and living laboratory for many communities in central Pennsylvania. Download the Mount Holly Marsh Preserve brochure and trail map from the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau web site.