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Monday, September 21, 2009

Community Supported Forests Booklet: An All Local Wood Product Guide

Our region has a wealth and diversity of local agricultural products, AND it is also blessed by an abundance of forest products which provides us local goods that have a lower carbon footprint, feed right back into our local economy, and help maintain our woodlands. Our mini-grant program has funded the creation of a Community Supported Forest Booklet- a local guide to all things wood related, including where to by local furniture, wood pellets, timber frames, and much, much more. Central Pennsylvania Conservancy leads this project with contributions from Penn State University and the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.Click here to download the South Mountain Community Supported Forest guide.

Community Supported Forests reflect a community shared land ethic. We know we want to protect the character and quality of life that Central Pennsylvania’s scenic woodlands and ridges provide us. Abundant, clean water, un-fragmented habit for wildlife and diverse recreational opportunities are all enjoyed in our forested landscape. Additionally, when we connect our healthy forests and the marketplace, by harvesting and converting wood into quality products, more value is sent back to the forest and forest stewards, keeping local forests healthy, beautiful, and productive.

Like small farms, small forest product operations serve a vital role in our communities. When you buy locally, your money stays within the community, bolstering the local economy.

Download the attached Community Supported Forests Booklet. Contact these local vendors to help keep our local forests sustainable. We have made every effort to include as many businesses as possible. If you have an update or correction to the publication please contact Debbie Bowman at 717-241-4360 or dbowman@CentralPaConservancy.org. Hard copies of this booklet will be available shortly.